Power of Admin

Yeah, and now feel the power of admin.

While wholeheartedly acknowledging your awesome power… are you talking to yourself? :open_mouth:

Ha, there was a spammer that posted a topic called “Power of Admin”. They felt that, and the post is gone, but I guess when you respond to a post that gets deleted, the response remains. :laughing:

Well, it would, wouldn’t it?

Oh, by the way … err, don’t let Jaysen onto this thread.

Now that I’ve moved the post to the bilges, I’m afraid that is well nigh impossible.



Hey. Nothing happened.

VICK!!! Did you break admin power?

Sweet Jeysu, nothing’s sacred! :frowning:

Fantastic! If you guys could keep Jaysen busy down here for a couple of weeks we should be able to get NiaD up and running without too much cufuffle. Kuffuffal. Kerfufall?

This is one of those times when I suddenly realise I don’t know if something is a real word or just something my Mum says.

power of admin.jpg

Aw, you even got the cig right.

I’ve always seen it as “kerfuffle.”

My mother used to “zot” to the store when she needed something for a recipe. I inferred the definition, “a short round-trip visit to a nearby location, usually to pick up a small number of items as rapidly as possible”. A list of synonyms might include “zip”, as in “that little car has a lot of zip!” to describe something or someone who can accelerate and maneuver quickly.

My high school English teacher marked my paper down a point, and told me in front of the entire class that it was just a “Sunday comic strip sound-effect.” It was a real ka-pow to my ego–I was so embarassed, I just wanted to bampf out of the room. That incident made me very careful not to use made-up words.

One man’s bampf is another woman’s plotz.

True, I’m afraid. “Zot” is the sound of impact of an anteater’s tongue in the comic strip B.C. The burning question is: why would your Mom set you up like that?! Think of the years of work before payoff. Like most writers, you must have been a very troublesome child.

My mom holds lifelong grudges. So watch what you say about her innocent baby boy. :smiling_imp:

Zot’s nice!

Ah. I thought you were asserting dominance on the populace. :slight_smile:

Little humble me? A shocking assertion!

I won’t be here long. The booze from the cruise is wearing off

Hey hey now, buddy, I mean, what’s your hurry? Whoa, look over there. Did you see that? No, not there … right … over … there. D’ya see it? You might have to squint. What is that thing? I mean pretty interesting, amiright?