Powerpoint presentations

Can I import powerpoint presentations into Scrivener? I can’t seem to find the place to do it.

Hi Gina,

As far as I’m aware, there’s no support for importing Powerpoint presentations into Scrivener. Scrivener uses the OSX text system which, while quite powerful (and able to read and import word DOC files), doesn’t deal at all with any of the other Office formats.

If you have iWork installed, however, you could always import your Powerpoint presentation into Keynote, then export as a Quicktime movie. You could then import and view the Quicktime version of your presentation in Scrivener if you need to. This seems kind of a roundabout method though,.

Hi Gina,

As Marcus says, there is no way of importing PowerPoint presentations at this time, I’m afraid.

All the best,

Your best bet is probably to print as PDF from PowerPoint, and then import the resulting PDF file.


Thank you all so much. I think putting it into pdf so I can keep it in the binder with a note to where the actual powerpoint file is on my hard drive, with all the other research will work just fine. (I tend to lose track of what I can’t ‘see.’)

:smiley: I’m outta the loop. Last time I used Powerpoint was years ago, and on a PC, and there certainly weren’t any of that fancy new-fangled PDF export. No sir, it were .ppt or nuffin’.

Well, as you’re now on an Apple, you can output anything as a PDF through the Print dialog … even PowerPoint, I guess!