PowerPoint style templates for Index Cards

Hi Amber

Thanks so much for your reply. Let me try and explain better what I am getting at.

As I said, I use PP almost as a writing tool in which the slides I create effectively work like index cards. I fill them in and move them around to give me a structure. I can then do a ‘hand out’ style print out which will represent the slides on a page (for example six slides per page). So, when I say PP style templates I mean simply, that when I start writing I click on the icon for a new slide and the blank slide will appear with a configuration of pre-set text boxes ready to be filled in. The configuration of text boxes will depend on what slide template style I have chosen. So, for example, I might have chosen a slide template with a text box for a heading and underneath it a text box with three ready made bullet point slots ready to be filled in. Alternatively, it might be a template with just a heading and sub header, just bullet points with no heading or free text.

Once you get used to working with these templates (and their constraints) it becomes a very quick and intuitive way of putting your ideas down and building a structure. It also replicates the way that people often use index cards on an cork board. That is not writing text along the lines but using a marker pen to put up a word, phrase or a few points.

My desire would be to see a similar way of filling out the index cards in scrivener. Just some simple ready made index card templates with different configurations of text boxes. So, it’s partly a matter of getting to fill out the cards quicker and partly a bolder graphical representation. I understand that this may cause problems when switching into the synopsis view but as with many features on scrivener I imagine different people use different features. I wouldn’t use synopsis because I don’t do that type of writing. I’m more inclined to the analogy used in the scrivener literature of the corkboard with the index card and the more developed text pinned underneath.

Anyway, hope you sort of understand what I’m wittering on about. :wink: