ppi of font (or something)

Sorry for bad english.

As I know mac screen has 72 ppi. But windows screen - 96 ppi. I use Scrivener for Windows and font size displays smaller than it should. It’s very inconvinient. How can i fix it, how can i change ppi or somthing.

At the bottom of the editor window, on the left-hand side, you should see a number with a percentage mark (probably “135%”). You can use that to increase or decrease the size of the text display without changing the font size. This can be set independently on each platform.

scale is not elegant decisio)). Why dont you let users to set ppi. it’s more precisely. and it provide exact matching to ohter programms.

I’m actually not sure what you mean by that. Pixels per inch is a physical limitation of the hardware, and it rarely matches what the OS thinks it is, which results in text being larger or smaller than it would print out at that scale. I’m also pretty sure that most word processors use a percentage adjustment for user controlled font render scaling. It would be unorthodox to try an educate people to know what their hardware PPI is and how that relates to font rendering, just so they could boost the font scale a bit when their eyes are tired.

however all the windows text editors display text almost the same in scale 100%. Scrivener dont. is it profitable for you that user don’t see the differences. there’s no need to teach people. just make 96 ppi for default. it’s closer to 130%. but it should be “named” 100% how everybody windows users used to. if you afraid that current users will not understand that changes, at least hide ppi settings in the setting tool for those users to whom it’ll be convinient.

sorry for bad english again. i have nothing more to say. thanks for answers.