Praise - and frustration through ignorance! - a suggestion?

I would be happy to help establish a Scrivener Wiki and contribute to it

  • no
  • yes

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Firstly, Scrivener is a very, very fine program. It has changed the way I work, and this bldy forum could quite easily change life considering the attention it grabs - and I suspect I echo many here.

Secondly, I have failed in being able to find any way of printing out Mac help files (earlier posting) so can’t have a hard copy of these - why should I want them …? 'cos I did the tutorial, jumped straight in, and am now managing two huge and hugely important projects using SCR. Mostly I ask myself, can I do this - and of course it can … but I didn’t/don’t know how.

Also, most help files for software projects - and manuals - are about function, not how to do something. What this forum contains are hundreds of ‘to do’s’ solving work flow, making efficient. I often see something where I think -‘that’ll be useful someday’ - but the day may be tomorrow (some chance of remembering) or next year (none at all!!).

Having worked with software developers I also know that there are probably things we could do - if only we could get it out of Keith’s head!

Given the way this software is being produced (not in my view with commercial gain in mind) it’s totally unreasonable to expect anything more than the exemplary support that we already get. BUT …

This is a community of writers and very creative people. There’s already a volunteer FAQ writer. What about a wiki that everyone can contribute to - perhaps with minimal registration to keep out the crawlers - aimed at "how to’s’ and an authoritative, updated functional guide (aka help file)?

It’s not something I’ve time to set up from scratch - though we could possibly host if that was an issue - but I’d be delighted to contribute to it.

So, a poll!!