Praise and gratitude for Scrivener

I found other topics for the “Praise” of Scrivener, but they were 11 years old.

I’ve been impressed with Scrivener since the first day I purchased it a few years ago. As I continued writing and using Scrivener, and learning more about both, my appreciation of the extensive functionality steadily increased.

But when I began the process of self publishing my first novel, every time I thought I would have to reach out (and reach into my wallet) for professional help, Scrivener had my back. I am one of those kinds of people who just does not read the manual, so while other users of Scrivener may have been familiar with the functionality that ultimately rescued me, I was not, and only discovered it by chance (and perhaps a dose of desperation).

Again, Scrivener is simply awesome right out of the box. The abundance of tools and functionality which aids a writer through the entire writing process, from the first sentence through all the planning, outlines, research, development, writing and never ending editing is astounding. But, when I had to compile my manuscript as an eBook for Apple and then for Kindle for submission, all the capability to do so was right there complete with the Front Matter - including the custom cover image. All made easy and intuitive to execute.

But it was when I attempted to work with Kindle Direct Publishing to create a paperback version of my novel that Scrivener really blew my mind. I had been watching video tutorials, and reading article after article with complicated instructions of how to rewrite and format my manuscript in Word or Pages, paying close attention to how trims, bleeds and margins were defined and configured. I was ready to give up and start looking for some outside help when I happened to scroll through the compile options and see where there was a paperback item to select! I couldn’t believe it! And it worked like a champ.

Readers can now choose to buy my novel as an eBook or have a paperback hard copy mailed to them. All thanks to Scrivener.

Kudos and thank you very much!

-Patrick Marshall.


Loving this particular detail in your post, MPatrick —like a conscientious forum citizen going to the trouble to first check to see if there were already postings on your subject. :wink:

Thank you for the kind words! We’re glad Scrivener is working for you.

Sadly, not everyone agrees with you about the “easy and intuitive” part. When you get a chance, feel free to post any useful tips that come to mind.