Praise for Scrivener 3 beta

started testing Scrivener 3 for Win (10).
Very pleasant experience so far.

The app is very responsive, does not lag. It feels like something written directly for Win which is not so common for apps developed for both Win and Mac. (example: Evernote is quite laggy on Win, dunno about Mac)

The app accepts Windows UI colors. This gives the user the same color (s)he uses for the OS, which is very nice. This also allows user to alter the color of the paper in Scrivener 3. This approach is not so common and it is very good. I for myself cant really stand writing on white paper. (example: google the Evernote users sharing tips how to somewhat work around the enforced paper color) (note: I dont have any problem w Evernote, it just served me these two bad examples)

The app does not enforce cleartype. Cleartype is a very problematic technology. It works great for some LCDs and for some peoples eyes, but it does not work at all on my PVA LCD and on my eyes (too color sensitive to be fooled by this tech). Still, some apps disregard user settings in Windows and use cleartype although the user switched it off (example: Microsoft Edge). It’s very nice Scrivener 3 honors user choice.

Also I can spellproof in Czech, which I need. Cool.

So far very good :slight_smile:

Hope you can put it on market soon :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Another thing that impressed me:
when attaching media files to Research, you save them into the project folder. You do not convert them and the whole project into one database file like some other apps. IMHO this is the safest way to approach it, because you never know what soft/hard corruption may happen on the hard drive. Should it happen, there are better chances to save data from a project saved this way than one big database file (I probably shouldn’t give more examples of popular softwares that do it this (IMHO potentially dangerous) way :slight_smile: – well, it is not only dangerous but also slow to manipulate or search through should your project grow really big.
Very good approach on your part!
Also noticed some checksums there - only guessing, but looks very responsible.


Thank you for the kind words. We’re glad you like it.

Do note, please, that directly editing the contents of the project folder can corrupt the master index file for the project. Yes, the structure makes it easier to recover in an emergency, but under normal circumstances it’s best to pretend that you can’t see it.