Praise for Your Backup System

Just wanted to thank you for a well-designed backup system.

I leave a 64 Gig thumb plugged in, and periodically do a File/Backup/Backup To… to that drive. There’s room for over 400 of those backups on the drive. The automatic backups go to my main hard drive, so I always have a backup on two different devices. Periodically, I’ll upload one of the zipped up backups to Google Drive, giving me an offsite backup as well.

That helps me not worry about losing my work.

Good job.

Great! Glad to hear it is working well. I pretty much use the same combination as well. I like having a mix of systematically produced backups (no worries), plus a list of human-generated backups as I’ve found more often than not, if I create a backup for some specific cause (done for the day, time to do an extensive edit, etc.) then I’ll better remember where to go to get a restoration if I later find I’ve made a mistake.