Praise from a new user...

I just interrupted an hour long burst of creative writing to pay my registration 25 days early and send you some enthusiastic feedback [I do so hope I’m in the right Forum]. First of all the fact that it’s 31 days that you actually use the program, not thirty one calander days is fantastic, that is some true customer appreciation.

In any case, I love your program. Having explored a number of the Mac oriented writing and organizing programs out there (Journler, Jer’s Novel Writer to name two…), I have settled on Scrivener. Of course, I may end up using one or some of the the others too.

I am a year old mac convert, my last pc laptop having been stolen and going without computer, schlepping to the library for two years. I am continually amazed a the amount of great software out there that you can either try or use for little or no cost. And then an amazing variety of programs (yours included) that you pay a decent price for, and feel like you’re robbing someone because the program is so well thought out and spurs creativity instead of hampering it. Anyway, a long winded kudos. Now if I don’t finish this novel, I’ll be coming after you 8^)

And I chime in with you. Bless you, Keith. I’ve been fumbling for a decade to make a system for my writing that is coherent and organized. I finally had to wonder if I was self-sabotaging my work since I could NOT get my ducks in a row, even though I was writing plenty. It was all over the place and so frustrating and disorganized, like trying to herd cats. I would have paid a great deal more for Scrivener, I’ll tell you, but your modest price made it a worthy risk which I otherwise would have foregone. I’m really happy. Thank you. Plus, just the NAME! Ah, Bartleby. Ah, humanity.

Thank you both. I really appreciate our kind words and your enthusiasm for Scrivener.
All the best,

I wouldn’t do nuthin’ else.