Praise Indeed

There is a common complaint about OS X software that it is too simple-mined to be of any real productive use, and frequently this complaint is true. But Scrivener erases all doubt about the potential of OS X. I think OS X and Cocoa were invented to make Scrivener possible. Thanks for the great product.
Not only is the program very well done and actively maintained, but the introductory video is great, and the tutorial is beyond compare… and finally if one scans the forums the most obvious missing element is angst. You are quite skilled and quite thorough!
I was in search of a program that would allow the development but more importantly the ongoing maintenance of procedural type documents: Bingo! I think this work flow will fit very well: the notion of being able to keep chapters separately maintained in one document is priceless. The notion of “compiling” the document seems on it’s face to be archaic, but once you wander into that device you are sold. I can’t tell you how much psychic energy is saved not having to think about tailoring my thoughts and words to where the page break is.
I just finished my first productive use, which was to prepare notes for a training exercise. I think the software made it easy to get all the thoughts I’ve ruminated on for the last week accounted for in the final product. Being able to skip from section to section without using the page key is somehow liberating. But then using “edit scrivenings” magically brings to light things I’ve missed or forgotten to include, and back you go. The binder behaves like no other cocoa app, and it behaves like it should in all of them: I used it to develop the basic outline of thoughts before I ever went into outline mode, it is that simple, intuitive and well thought out. I could go on and on, but we’ve all got things to do…
OK, some beefs: Header and Footer options need some expansion, would like to have both appear on the page. Would also like the header to have some variable capability, such as including the file or folder title in the header, so part of the header would change as you page thru the document. (I know, I know, use a word processor as a last pass) Stop me before I whine! Seems easy enough to be able to develop both header and footer in an RTF editor, with variable functions. Hah! easy for me to say.
Good work Sir! Many thanks and don’t be bashful charging what it is worth!

Many thanks! It’s always great to hear from happy users, so thank you for taking the time to post, I appreciate it. I’m glad Scrivener has helped in your first project using it.

Scrivener 2.0 (out at some vague time later this year, Autumn-ish) will have the ability to have both headers and footers set up via Compile Draft, although I’m afraid you still won’t be able to have the headers show different titles for different sections - that will remain the province of the word processor.

Thanks again!
All the best,

Oh no! We left out the angst. :blush: