Praise, Questions, and Suggestions

First off, a huge round of applause for Keith and the Literature & Latte team! This was a long road of development, and it was worth the wait times a thousand! I have used Scrivener since I first got my own computer in 2010-2011, and loved it! When I got an iPad, I admit, I tried every writing app known to man, just to get that perfect experience with all devices, but never found it. So, I had a few years of unhappy experiences with writing on the iPad, but I knew the iOS version of Scrivener would come, and lo and behold it has arrived! Bought it day one, and it immediately replaced my every app I used for writing. Including Evernote!

Now, I have a list of questions/suggestions. But, I am not asking for unbelievable things, mind you (like Scrivener for Apple Watch :stuck_out_tongue:). I am just talking about logical steps forward.

Callback URLs

Is it possible to add support for these? It partially exists already. And I can share something to Scrivener and it adds it to whatever project I have open. What I would love, it to be able to do this with a callback URL. Or, even easier I think, maybe integrate with the Workflows app? That could make even more for us!

3D Touch Support and Favorite Project

Would it be possible to add 3D Touch support to the app? I would love to 3D Touch the Scrivener icon, and then a list pops up of my most recent Scrivener Project that I had open. Even better, we could add a project as our favorite, and then it would show on that list?


What about the possibility of an Inbox? Where, we would open the app, hit a button that just creates a new sheet, we start writing, and then add it to a project when we save it? A lot of times, we just get ideas as writers, and then we just want to write it down. And it is a lot to have an idea, open a project, find a folder, and then make a new document. Why not just have that at the beginning and then save it to a project when we hit save?

I hope you can consider these, and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for this app! It is such a pure joy to use.

Spend $5 on the iOS app called “Drafts.” It’s designed for exactly this need, but it works as a front end to multiple applications. Open the app, and start writing on a blank page. Later, you decide what to do with it.

And…you can easily create a Drafts action to save to a text file in Dropbox…and if you keep your Scrivener for Mac/Win scratchpad in Dropbox, you have a nice cross-platform solution.

But I’m with you 100% on url schemes. see the Applescript pinned thread - and this discussion for some ideas on a very minimal x-platform scheme -