Scrivener 2 is terrific. Praise to Don Keith for his craft and the fine tool he has produced, praise to all his sagacious consiglieri. I was a happy user of v1.x, have quietly fevered with many others for v.2 and now enjoy using v2.0x since the word go with great delight. Heel-clicks and the regular discovery of new features fill my days.
I particularly appreciate: footnotes & comments in the inspector, the consolidated view modes, the ‚Pages‘-bar for formatting, the varied zoom options, the QuickRef-Panel, the new project notes – the softness to the eye, the subtle touches everywhere, the thoughtful increase of functionality in all I have fathomed so far. The compile settings look impressive. It still feels as if I only use and appreciate a small amount of what’s actually there.

Is there anything I could desire more? There is but little: something (anything) that would make the moving of an inspector footnote anchor easier and maybe a discreete option to revert to the full-screen behaviour of v.1.5x. I am using Scrivener in what seems to be referred to as the toothbrush for a pipe cleaner mode and enjoy the full-screen feature on the second monitor with the editor – binder and inspector open – on the small one; generally there is Devonthink and at least a bibliography app open in one of the other spaces. I used to flick over into one of the other spaces for a reference or a note and back into Scrivener – now the fullscreen is gone and the main window hidden. It’s easy to alt-tabtabtab back into Scriv – or reach for the dock icon – but the memory of how neat this used to be in 1.5x lingers.
There is no other piece of software on my box that I feel so good about, I rave to friends more often, I have enjoyed more spending money on. Thanks, kithairon


Many thanks for the kind words - much appreciated! I’m glad 2.0 has lived up to your expectations, and that all the features I slaved over have come to fruition.

Regarding your desires - I think you’ll like 2.0.3, which returns to 1.54’s full screen behaviour and adds a “Move to Selection” feature to footnotes and comments, whereby you can select some text and then ctrl-click on a comment to select this option to move the comment to the current selection.

Thanks again!

All the best,

Hi Keith,
this is excellent news! I look forward to 2.03 and the stilling of all my desires. I’ll continue my discoveries in the meantime.
Thanks for your work;
Best, kithairon

May I add some of that praise?

I turned it on today, been a long time since I used scriv… and here I am with a new shiny toy. So downloaded it. and paid for it. Have created an account with Simplenote, and already had index cards for the IPAD… bad back, don’t ask. I can use the IPAD for some of this work… while keeping, mostly off my back. It took a little to figure out how to create, import and all that. But as of now, I am working on outlining a novel… that started the way they should not. Oh and I will add… wrong forum I know… but I also downloaded the dang thing to the win machine. Yes, I intend to try it… after updating the project on the macbook.

Yes at the moment using simple note and index card, mostly… less weight than my trusty macbook… but yes Keith, I am sure I will be digging deep on this. Oh and one more thing… RESEARCH and FOOTNOTES… that IS the other project to come.

Thanks nadinbrzezinski - and welcome back! (Hope your back gets better soon, too.)
All the best,

I just wanted to echo someone else’s praise for the QuickRef feature. As I need features, I’m slowly learning they already exist, and that’s a beautiful thing. I love how I can keep a QuickRef window open, and have multiple open at one time. It’s terrifically handy. Thank you!

Thanks! Glad it’s useful!
All the best,

I am also feeling happy that I bought Scrivener. I am using it for translating poems from a Tamil work 2000 years old of 400 long poems. Scrivener lets me have a different document for each poem – in English, transliteration (easier to search) and Tamil. This makes it very easy to find things, and also to see the text of what I’m translating. I’m impressed that it seems happy with over 1000 documents. I’m also very pleased with the ability to color various drafts and to use snapshots to track progress and emendations. And with the ability to easily produce exactly the compilation I want in rtf format for Nisus. There are many parts of the program I haven’t used yet. One thing that I have noticed is that coloring drafts does not mark deletions – perhaps this could be added, with an option to see deleted and moved text or not. I know a similar thing can be accomplished with snapshots, but it would be useful if the coloring for drafts allowed one to see all changes. Second draft could show the changes from first to second, etc. That way, if one changed one’s mind about a deletion, it could easily be recovered without having to search through snapshots. George


Glad you are liking it so far!

As for deletions, you seem to be talking about “track changes” - there’s a reason that feature only appears in programs that have been created by whole teams rather than individual developers. :slight_smile: You can use strike-through, though, or, as you note, this is exactly what the snapshots feature is for.

Thanks and all the best,

Just wanted to weigh in with my own praise.

Over the years, I’ve written half a dozen or so fiction pieces, averaging 50 000 words or so, using Word or OpenOffice.

Yesterday, I searched YouTube for a tutorial on how to outline in OpenOffice (feeling the need to step back and try to get some kind of overview of the latest thing I’m working on) and stumbled upon Scrivener.

Downloaded the trial, watched the Screencast vid, worked through the built-in tutorial and spent about three hours importing and playing around with my latest draft.

Superb piece of software!

Makes it so easy to manage my work. I’m loving the ability to drill down and work in detail, and then very quickly step back and see the whole thing.

Buying a licence has to be the biggest no-brainer of all time.

Congratulations to anyone and everyone involved in putting this together.

Thank You.

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated - and thanks for buying a licence too, of course. Glad it’s proving useful so far.

All the best,

This thing is gorgeous.

Sorry, it just is.

I’ve spent the morning sorting out the timeline for a 50 000 word novella, a task that would have been a total PIA in OpenOffice. Using Scrivener it was almost fun.

Thanks again, and Greetings from sunny Exeter. :smiley:

Thank you once more - and yes, it is a lovely day here in the West Country for a change, eh? :slight_smile:
All the best,