Pre-Compile: Assign Section Formatting

  1. Is there a way to assign formatting to text before compiling that is NOT the formatting seen in the editor? The problem is that editor formatting is inappropriate for different export formats.

  2. What is the secret to using Markdown with compile? That is, if I write something along these lines:

See, US v. Smith, 100 US 102 (1900)

I get asterisks and not italics upon export (e.g., \textit{See, US v. Smith} for LaTeX). And crosshatches are left as crosshatches.

  1. Yes. You can create a new Section Layout with whatever formatting you want. See Section 24.2 in the Scrivener manual.

  2. I’m not sure what you’re asking. LaTeX is a plain text format, and as such doesn’t support italics.


Indeed, LaTeX is a plain text format, so to express italics you have

\textit{this is italic text}

My question is, how do I write this in the Scrivener flavor of Markdown?
–does Scrivener change this is italic text to this is italic text while compiling to Markdown?

Or, can I just write this is italic text in my project. It doesn’t seem to work. I suppose another way of asking the question is, since the Mac text engine is not Markdown aware, at what point does Scrivener become Markdown aware?
Or compiling?

I’d suggest having a look at Chapter 21 in the manual, which discusses Markdown in detail.

To answer the specific question, if you prefer to write in rich text there’s a Compile option to convert rich text to Markdown. If you don’t, then you can treat Scrivener as a plain text editor and use Markdown syntax for everything.

Scrivener becomes “aware” of Markdown at the Compile stage.