Pre-purchase license for Scrivener for Window 3 (Possible?)

I’ve been using the Beta versions, and it’s kind-of nerve wrecking that each new beta release extends the license a couple of days - maybe a week. Hence, if a release is missed, then I am unable to work. Bummer.

Bottom line - I am a Scrivener 2 license owner and I am going to buy version 3 when it’s available. How about allowing a pre-purchase license for version 3 to eliminate these maddening incremental stays on the beta versions?

As explained elsewhere, that’s unlikely to happen, as the Betas will still expire, the whole purpose being to make sure that people using it and testing it are all on the latest version, and not reporting a bug in the older release that has subsequently been fixed. The fact that the Beta is free, and has been sufficiently stable for a long time that many people have been using it for their WIPs is a bonus. Having to upgrade to/install the new Beta every week or so is a small price to pay IMHO.



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