Pre-Purchase Question

I use Scrivener on a Mac. I store my Scrivener projects (the .scriv container) on my iCloud Drive.

When I am out and about, I often have ideas that I want to jot down for a particular Scrivener project. I’d like to be able to access my Scrivener project from my iPhone, just to quickly create a new index card within the binder and capture my idea. Does Scrivener for iOS work well for this purpose?


I have iOS Scrivener, but I still use Drafts 4 app to capture those quick ideas. I open Drafts, write my note, and then use a modified version of the Action ‘Send to Dropbox’ to send my note to the Scrivener Scratchpad.

You shouldn’t keep your live Scrivener projects on iCloud drive…

Thanks lunk. I’ll take a look at Drafts.

And now I’m intrigued, what’s the downside of iCloud Drive?


The only cloud service that has shown itself to be reliable when handling Scrivener projects is Dropbox. L&L explicitely advice users not to use OneDrive, Google drive, iCloud drive, etc for Scrivener projects. For zip:ed backups, yes. For live projects, no. … c-services

Some users have successfully used Cubby as an alternative. It works in a similar fashion that Dropbox does, whereas the others don’t.

A Scrivener project is not a file but a folder with unlimited number of files and subfiles, hence the problems.

Got it. Thanks!

And if you wonder, yes Dropbox is free in its basic alternative. :smiley: