Pre settings for a new project from a former project

Hi folks,

I hope I put that, what I want to ask, in the title. With a few more words: Actually I am working on a novel and I have changed some settings to match my needs and workflows. For example, I changed the namings in “labels” and “status”, so when I add a new item to the corcboard, I have the possibility to use the german words for Date, Chapter, Scene, Idea, Note, Character Notes with individual color settings - cool! I have done the same thing with the entries below “status” and am using now the german words for: To do, First Draft, Revisted Draft, Finished Draft, Title.

I learned, that it is possible to export the settings to a file named *.prefs. The issue which I see now is, that if I start a new project, the modifications are gone, I mean, they do not exist in the new project. I assume that the settings that I have adapted for one project are stored in the project and not as general settings in the configuration of Scrivener itself.

If I want to avoid to do all this administrative stuff again and again for each project - do you guys know a magic vodoo, to export the project settings and put them into a new project?

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Sounds like you need to save your altered project as a template so you can keep meta data.

Go to File > Save As Template. When creating a new project you should be able to select this new template from the list when you go to the Create New Project screen. It is also a good idea to make sure the new template is saved in the correct category eg fiction.

Hope that helps.

Dear Stacey,

thanks for your advise. I am creating currently mey own, empty template with all pre-settings I want to have, and now I am running into a new problem: by any reason, my whole novel-project has line spacing 1.3x. Strange thing is, that this setting is not generic in Scrivener and i have no idea, where it came from. But what should I say? I like it. It is not too much space and not too less, exactly what is comfortable for my old eyes :slight_smile:

The problem is that I cannot find any possibility to “choose” this special line spacing from the dropdown in the format bar, neither in the more … section. In the format bar, I can choose: 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 3.0x … how can I add 1.3x to be the standard line space?

Lots of thanks :slight_smile:

I found it, I found it, ha!

For everyone who is interested in: I choose the line spacing drop down from the format bar, then “more…” then Line Spacing: Multiple and At: 1,30 - voila :slight_smile:

My template is ready …