Prebuilt Compiler Template Query

Dear All,

I’ve been trying out the latest Scrivener 1.73 for windows. More specifically, the SHORT STORY template under the FICTION category.

To my great delight, during COMPILATION, when I select SHORT STORY and PDF, EVERYTHING comes up perfect. Everything. Except:

  1. The first page word count is in bold
  2. The title of my story (half way down the first page) is in bold
  3. My name (following the story title halfway down the first page) is in bold

I want these three items NOT to print in bold.

At this time, I am saving them as .DOCX files, THEN opening them in Word and UN-BOLDING them.

Can some gentle soul here please assist me on how to make the above NON-BOLD directly to PDF? For windows 1.73 version, of course.

Thanks in advance and regards


EDIT: No issues. Corrected.