Predefined Formats


is possible to download and import other “predefined formats” ? ther’s a place where we can find other formats to import ?

The final version will have more of these to choose from, but in answer to your question, no there is no official set of presets you can download. Is there anything in particular you were looking for?

Also: I’m assuming you mean compile presets.

Thanks for your answer,

…I can wait for the final version with more presets.

The manual refers to various format presets (Screenplay; BBC Radio Scene; BBC Taped Drama etc., see pp. 104-105).

Presumably these preset formats exist in the Mac release and will find their way to the Windows version at some point after the beta releases have morphed into a final release.

I’ve played with the formatting in the 024 beta and, while I’m working in the stageplay format, I don’t seem able to change the formatting using presets (no presets are available). I can, however, make changes manually via the format > scriptwriting > script settings menu

On a similar note, the script mode doesn’t seem to change (ie Format > Scriptwriting always shows “Script mode - screenplay”) and [Ctrl]+[M] has no noticeable effect.

(Nor can I see any effect when I use the key combination [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[M]).

Am I missing something, or will these keyboard shortcuts be used to activate features that will be implemented later?

The script formats are taken from the Mac version and aren’t fully implemented in the Windows version yet. Once they are you should be able to select the script formatting you want–BBC Radio, US Stageplay, etc.–from the Scriptwriting menu, with the appropriate name then coming up as your script mode. To modify any of the formats, you do need to go into Script Settings, as you saw, but you should also there be able to save any customized formats or load others you’ve created (or saved to your computer, if you’ve downloaded one from someone else). This is all different from the pre-defined compile settings, which I believe is what the OP was asking about. Generally for a script you’re just going to compile the text as it is in the editor, without overriding formatting.

When the focus is in the editor, Ctrl-M should toggle script mode on and off–you’ll see the document icon change to a yellow page with three hole punches down the side when in script mode, and the editor footer will also change to show the current script element on the right. Shift-Ctrl-M will then call up that elements menu as a means of changing directly to another script element (in cases where just hitting tab or enter to move to the next element in the sequence doesn’t give you the element you want).