Preference for Super/Sub-script characeters

I am having an issue where the superscript “th” of a number is so high up that it is effecting the leading between the lines of my novel.

(You can see the spacing between the line with the superscript and the bottoms of the characters above it when compared with the top parts of the characters below on the following line)

Is there somewhere in Scrivener where I can adjust this? I use the same font (Cambria) in Word or elsewhere with other programs and I don’t run into this anomaly. Visually it is jarring on the page and breaks the natural reading flow.

Thoughts, anyone?



Hi Will

In this post, developer Keith mentions superscript/subscript impacting on line spacing.

While working in Scrivener, I see the same shift in line spacing that you mention, but it isn’t carried over when compiling.

I am using Superscript. The following line is showing in superscript, and then the following paragraph ends up in completely different spacing. This is stopping my writing. I need help asap. Thanks :unamused: