Preference Preset Button and Screenwriting Stuff

Hi Keith, I have just recently started using Scrivener for screenwriting and employ a darker color scheme than I use for novels. I would very much appreciate a toolbar button for rapid switching between preference presets, much like what you have for layouts.

I’ve been using an app called MovieDraft SE for screenwriting, and Mark, the developer, has done some great work. A couple of suggestions based on the behavior of his app:

Highlight option on the font panel of Script Settings to dress up slug lines.
Automatic (CONT’D) entries when a character resumes talking after action, what have you.

That’s it. The power and flexibility of Scrivener continue to astound me. Thanks. And thanks for being cool when I hassled you via email a long time ago with questions and suggestions regarding novel work and ebook formatting. I think you might be too generous with your time.

Take care


Mar’s a nice guy and MovieDraft is a great app, but the main difference is that MovieDraft is a dedicated scriptwriting app whereas Scrivener is more of writing project management tool. It’s not intended to provide full layout of scripts such as “CONT’D” and suchlike - for that you would be expected to export your script to a dedicated app such as MovieDraft (you can use the FDX format for this).

As for darker colour schemes, this is what Composition mode is for, but you can also use full screen mode for this. So, rather than switching a button in the toolbar, you just enter full screen or Composition mode (setting up the colours you want for these modes in the preferences).

I’m not aware that highlighting for slug lines is standard script format - isn’t that just used for display purposes in some programs?

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

Yes Keith, the slugline highlight is nice in the app, but not really necessary.

I have been experimenting with compiling fdx files in Scrivener, opening them in MovieDraft and then printing to a PDF. It works fine with (MORE) and (CONT’D) tags. And yes, Mark is a great guy. I love MovieDraft and am using it for one screenplay but I need Scrivener’s features for more complicated projects. MovieDraft is relatively young and I hope to see more features in time.

The color issues aren’t really resolved for me with compose mode because I prefer to work in the standard view–I jump around too much. I’ve mimicked the colors of MovieDraft’s “Blueprint” Page Style with colored text and all for script work. When I go back to work on a novel, that black text on a dark blue background isn’t visible. I can switch preference presets though.

Thanks for your time.

You can use full screen mode instead of Compose mode if you are on 10.7 or above, as that also allows you to change colours and override the font colour.

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