Preference to temporarily turn off tooltips in Scrivener

I’ve been struggling with the tooltip pop-up windows while working with a complicated Binder of documents (the pop-ups keep obscuring my view of the document titles as I try to rearrange them). MimeticMouton helped me with a suggestion for how to kill tooltips via the Terminal (see this forum topic:, which will do for now. My request is for a preference setting to do this more elegantly (and appropriately?) as needed from the Scrivener preferences.


  • Matthew

Is it too late to second this? While the tooltips on the binder appears after 2 to 3 seconds, the ones on the editor come up instantly. I don’t wish to know every damn second where that Scrivener link leads to and I tend to use the mouse cursor to keep track of the lines I’m reading, like if it was my finger running along the words and paragraphs. The pop-ups appearing everywhere I place my cursor at are too distracting and obtrusive, especially when they are lengthy footnotes or comments!