Preferences and Margins??

Very newbie question, but where in the world is ‘Preferences’ on Windows? I want to format the margins… (or for the novel template, are they automatically set to an inch L and R? I see where it is for Mac but Windows… I don’t.

The Windows equivalent of Mac’s “Preferences” is Options, found under the Tools menu. You can set the editor formatting and margins in the Editor tab there. The “margins” set here are really just a visual padding for the editor, however. Scrivener doesn’t do any page layout in the editor; it’s more like a text editor than a word processor in that sense, with the text wrapping to the editor. Setting the editor margins will give you a little more white space there but won’t affect compiling or printing.

The page margins for your final compiled document are set in the Page Settings section of File > Compile. They’re saved as part of the compile preset, so they may be set differently according to the preset, but the default is one inch all around.