Preferences and more

Hi guys, I’m returning to Scrivener after many years away, and I wish to use version 3 on both my laptop and main PC. Is there a way to sync my preferences and dictionaries between the two machines? I use Dropbox for the main project file. Is there a way to move my preferences and dictionaries there, too?

For your settings, if you open the main Settings panel you’ll find a “Manage” button in the lower left corner. Use that to export your settings to a file, which you can then take to the other machine and import via the same button. What I do is regularly export my settings when they have changed, and keep this file in a sync folder so all of my devices have access to my latest refinements.

For the dictionary additions, use the File ▸ Show Application Support Folder menu command. There are actually a few things in here you might want to consider copying to other computers, like custom project templates and compile settings. But the wordlist.ini file is what you’re looking for, specifically.


Perfect, thanks for the help, :smiley: