preferences--beta 021

I saved my preferences for a project and wanted to apply those same preferences to another project.
I opened up the projects I wanted to change preferences for–(size of font on INDEX CARDS and a few other minor change)
hit APPLY, then OK. But nothing changed.

Perhaps applying preferences from one project to another is not possible?
Not a big deal, but I would like to know if someone has any info on this

The routine you used is for exporting and loading application preferences, not project preferences. If you want to use the settings you’ve come to favour, in your future projects, I’d recommend opening up your last project and using Save As to create a temporary copy somewhere like on your Desktop. Strip all of the data out of the binder that you don’t want in future projects, and when it looks like you’d want to to start off like, use File/Save as Template to create a template out of it. Once you have the template, you can destroy the temporary project on your desktop. Now the next time you create a project, select your custom template.

In the case where your other project is already well established, templates won’t help you out. You’ll just need to go through and update its settings by hand. Since you can have two projects open at once this shouldn’t take too long.

Thanks Amber!