Preferences/options won't load

I’m trying to load a project’s settings/preferences/options into another project, so I don’t have to keep customizing each new project manually. But when I save from the project where the customizations are, and load that file to the other project, nothing happens. The preferences file does not seem to load.
I do the options/manage/save options to file
open other project and do the same with /load options from file and nothing seems to happen. I tried APPLY and OK buttons. Tried closing and reopening projects, and still the preferences don’t update.

These are not per project. They are general settings of the software, and therefor common to all projects. (They don’t contain any settings that relate directly to a specific project; so no visual differences to be seen after “loading into a project” the settings the software was already using…)
The differences between your projects are what a template could have taken care of, but that needs to be in place before hand. Once a new project has been created, it is kind of too late.
(You can create such a custom template from any of your projects, using File/Save as template. – Then, after cleaning up that template of whatever specifics of the source project you know you won’t need, use that as a starting point when creating a new project.)
You can also create document templates to be used when inserting a new document into a project. But I won’t develop into that, as it is not really here answering the question. But just to let you know it might be worth your time researching.

On the overall, at this point you can import “settings” – project settings, not general settings – like labels, documents’ status list, custom metadata and section types from one project to another (drag and drop from one project’s project settings panel to another - export/import for section types), but for everything else, you will have to tweak your second project manually.

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Are you creating a preference file? Also if all the projects are on one computer they should share the same prefs and theme. On one computer you can not have projects have two different themes at the same time