Preferred Web Host?

Hi all,
Within the next few months it looks like I will have to jump back into the business of running a website, something I haven’t done since I closed down a .NET heavy website in 2004.

Given the liquidity of the hosting market, I wouldn’t be surprised to find all the popular hosts back then have either collapsed or fallen out of favour.

So who is the who of webhosting now?

My early requirements will probably be to host various files for downloading, a user forum, and potentially part of an eCommerce site, although I haven’t explored those options yet.

As for number of users, downloads, etc… I have absolutely no idea, so something that can easily scale-up would be an advantage.


You might try 1&1 Internet, Inc.
They actually sell domain names, as opposed to buying them elsewhere.
They provide ample web hosting space and many services.
I use them to point to sites stored elsewhere, like MobileMe.

If you’re not afraid of managing your own Linux web server, I highly recommend Slicehost. Slicehost is a virtual private server, so you have full root access to your server. At only $20/month for a 256 MB slice with 10GB of storage, I’ve found Slicehost to be the most economical way to get a server with full control.

Check out GoDaddy I have had no issues with them and the costs are very reasonable. I find support to be quick, efficient and very knowledgeable (actually contacted me with a error in a php script that I never noticed, error had no impact and I only hit it once a day).

I myself use 1and1

I have had multiple accounts with them and I have liked their pricing and service.