Preferring the old Scrivener icon...

Had a search to see if someone had expressed it and was surprised to wonder that perhaps I may be the only one - I really prefer the previous icon, and even held off upgrading partly due to it. Could we perhaps review restoring the previous icon? It’s perhaps nothing major in terms of bugs or improvements, but I’m real fussy and it’s tripping me up and had me switch on Auto Hide Dock.

There was plenty of discussion by a handful of vocal proponents for the old icon right at the 2.0 release, and the answer was definitely, ‘no, the new one’s here to stay’. Personally, it could be an icon of a cat’s ass for all I care, so long as the program itself remained awesome and pretty.

I think there are several things working against you hacking the software package to replace the icon (Mac OS Mtn. Lion might think the software has been infected, for instance), but nothing more difficult than the developer being very happy with (and having paid a good deal of money for) the new one. You can try by right-clicking on the software bundle to poke around inside; the worst that could happen if you replace the new icon is that you’ll have to re-install Scrivener (or just put the new icon back) to get Mac OS X to let you run it.

No, the old icon will never be restored.

On the plus side, auto-hiding the dock is a good thing to do, so there’s at least one positive for you… :wink:

Having joined the Scrivener community at 2.0, just as a mater of interest, what was the old icon?

Like the new one, but not as nice. Imagine the current icon as a rectangle instead of a square, without the S, and with two "s instead of 's.

So you want to change the icon? Easy!

First watch the youtube video on how to change icon

Next get someone to give you a copy of the old icon

Problem resolved.

There is a problem (on my system at least) with the new icon. The v2 icon is fuzzy and pixelated in the dock whereas the v1 icon is nice and sharp on my new 27" iMac. I have both version 1 and 2 installed (having installed them on a Leopard system which was migrated to a Mtn Lion system), so I can see the dock icons side by side.

Is this somehow a problem with my migrated files, or a problem with the program on a large display?

See screen capture:


That’s just an icon caching glitch on OS X - I’ve seen this a few times with icons in the Dock. Try the following:

  1. Delete Scrivener.

  2. Re-download it and re-install.

  3. Restart your computer.

Actually, you could ignore steps (1) and (2) and just restart, as that should clear things out, but it doesn’t hurt to reinstall just to be sure.

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hmmmm…i could have sworn I’ve rebooted since installing Scrv V2 but rebooting cleaned up the icon in the dock. thanks!

Glad it’s sorted!
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