Prefix/suffix for character styles

I am compiling my document to markdown. From the manual it seemed like I could automatically insert delimiters around multi-paragraph blocks of text by (1) defining a new character style, (2) marking the relevant blocks of text with my new style, and (3) setting the “prefix” and “suffix” fields in the style’s compile settings to insert delimiters. (Multi-line delimiters, actually.)

But when I put my character style on a markdown bulleted list, for example, the compiled output has the delimiters around each individual bullet point (resulting in a sequence of singleton lists).

I checked that I’m using a character style rather than a paragraph style, and I set prefix/suffix rather than Paragraph prefix/suffix in the compile settings. Am I misunderstanding how character styles work?

Ultimately yes, I’ve double-checked and the documentation is not very clear here in establishing how character styles work with the prefix/suffix capability.

Technically speaking, a character style cannot escape the paragraph it is within. So if you have half of one paragraph, the entirety of a second and half of a third paragraph covered by one character style, that is actually three applications of style, and three pairs of prefixes and suffixes.

It works just like HTML does for that matter. This would be invalid syntax for example:

<definition> <term>This is the <add>first paragraph.</term> <term>This is the second paragraph.</term> <term>And finally the</add> third paragraph.</term> </definition>

Depending on what you want to do, a paragraph style might be what you want? To again use that above example, a single paragraph style could generate the definition and term elements.