Preliminary pages numbered with roman numerals

Is there a way to have the preliminary pages/front matter to use roman numerals and the rest of the document to use regular numbers?


No, there isn’t a feature for that. It’s rather complicated to pull off, so you’d be better off handling that detail in your word processor of choice. The best you can do with the current features is use an alternate header format for front matter; but this does not afford alternate page numbering styles.

Actually, you can do this. :slight_smile:

In Compile, under “Page Settings” > “First Pages”, tick “Different first pages header and footer”. Then you can enter <$p-r> or <$P-R> into the header or footer for the first pages (for lower- or uppercase Roman numerals) and <$p> into the header or footer for regular pages (for Arabic numerals). The “Start regular header and footer on” setting will determine which page the “1” starts on.

Hope that helps.

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Ooo, shiny, that’s a new one. :slight_smile:


However it is not working.

I tried <$p-r> and other permutations.

I get <$p-r> on all pages until the regular header and footer page and it turns to arabic.

I am using Scrivener version 2.1

What might I be doing wrong?
image of settings linked below…

Here is a better view of the screen shot

Could you try download the latest beta build on the forum here? I think this is a new feature that doesn’t yet exist in stable. Do note that if you purchased from Apple, you’ll not want to overwrite your installed copy; so name it something else before dropping it in Applications, or you’ll end up in demo mode. If you bought directly from us then it’ll be registered as per normal.


That worked.

I do have it from the apple store.

Is there a way for the arabic numbers to start after 10? I have 13 pages.

Oops, sorry, I didn’t realise I’d only added that to recent betas - I must have missed putting that one in the release notes.

Yes, as follows:

  1. Move all of your front matter pages - the ones that should be numbered using Roman numbers - out of the Draft folder, and place them in a different folder somewhere (e.g. called “Front Matter”).

  2. In the “Contents” pane of Compile, tick “Add front matter”, and choose your front matter folder from the pop-up button next to it.

  3. In the “Page Settings” pane, change “Start regular header and footer on” to “Automatic”.

This will make it so the regular header and footer start only after everything defined as front matter (the stuff in your “Front Matter” folder.

This feature also makes it easy to switch between different front matter when compiling to different formats, and it keeps all of your front matter out of the Draft folder so that you just have your text there.

Hope that helps.

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That worked splendidly!