Premise template

I have recently started using Scrivener and so far I am very impressed. There is a lot to learn but the video tutorials are excellent. The character and scene setting templates are really useful however, I have not been able to find a template for writing a premise or synopsis. Is there one? If not, could this be added to your future features list?

Could you describe a little bit of what you are looking for? I don’t really have the first idea what common structural requirements there are for this type of document, print or submission formatting or what sorts of starter folders would be beneficial. By the way you mention looking at the fiction templates, have you tried any of the non-fiction templates? I would imagine those have a better set of starting folders in the binder for something like this.

A general tip: there is nothing special about those character sheets. To recreate that feature yourself just create a folder in the binder and call it something like “Templates” and with it selected, use the Project/Set Selection as Templates Folder menu command. Now any file you put in there will start acting just like the character sheets do. There is one additional ingredient some of the templates use, and that is a folder that specifies a specific template for new documents created within it, instead of a generic blank one. You do that by selecting the target folder and using the Documents/Default New Subdocument Type/ sub-menu to select the template you wish to use for that folder.

Amber V

Thank you for your help and suggestion to use the character sheet template and change the headings. The simple solutions are always the best! I should have thought of that myself.

By Premise, or Synopsis, by the way, I mean the Who, What, Why, how and when of the story. A brief outline.

Thanks again, problem sorted.