Preserve Format for .mobi

I’m trying to compile my manuscript as a .mobi ebook for reading on my Kindle (just for my use, not uploading to amazon). I’m having a very difficult time getting the ms to format the way I want it. I’m testing with two chapters, both have unique fonts and margin formatting that I want to preserve in the final output.

I’ve used “preserve formatting” in the body text. Then in the Compile menu, I’m NOT enabling the “Override the Text and Notes Formatting.” I also select “As-Is” for the chapters I want.

BUT it doesn’t work. The output I get just overrides the format I thought I preserved and does not print “as is.” Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Btw, I can get it to print as a PDF just fine. But no luck with the .mobi.

Okay, there is no need to combine “Compile As-Is” with Preserve Formatting. These do the same thing. :slight_smile: Likewise if you aren’t overriding formatting in the first place, neither of those tools are necessary and do nothing. However triple-redundancy won’t be hurting anything either.

I suspect the problem has more to do with what you are trying to do with the e-book output than any settings in Scrivener. You cannot set arbitrary fonts (in most cases) or change the display margins. That is all controlled by the person holding the Kindle device.

You might consider using left indents and a smaller font size rather than a different font entirely. I tested with 10pt vs. 14pt standard size, with a 0.5" left indent, and that was visibly different enough.