Preserve formatting: can I change the appearance?

I’ve recently discovered Preserve formatting. Very useful. But the light blue background and the dashed outline gets in the way, specially in the case of tables.

Is there a way to set the background and the outline to something different? I’ve looked into the Appearance preference but it seems that there’s no setting for this. If this is not possible I’d like to suggest to be able to customize this appearance, especially the ability to remove the [dashed] outline.


You’re right, there is no option for this available. I’ve moved this post over to the wish list board for you.

The trouble is that if you got rid of the dotted line, it would look just like regular highlighting, so this would be confusing.

All the best,

Perhaps it would help if the outline wraps the entire table instead of each cell. I suspect that each cell acts like a paragraph, but it doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile: