"Preserve Formatting" doesn't preserve italics

Using Scrivener, I have some text enclosed in a “Preserve Formatting” bubble, but when I go to compile, the italics in it get converted to underlining. Yes, I want italics converted to underlining in the rest of the manuscript, but not where I used “Preserve Formatting”.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround that lets me have everything in the Preserve Formatting bubble stay as-is despite the Transformations->Convert italics to underlines setting?

The Preserve Formatting feature is only designed to protect text from formatting commands made in the Formatting preference pane. The settings outside of that will continue to impact the text. The thinking is that for most uses of Preserve Formatting, to format some manuscript text differently (for whatever reason, right-alignment, etc.) means it is still manuscript text, it just has a different line-height or something. In those cases you would want the compiler to treat these bits of text with these checkboxes. It sounds like you’re using them for something a little different than this, though?

My intended use is to maintain fonts, alignment, and bold/italic styles, in the “preserved” blocks. These sections are intended to deviate from the rest.

Hmm, I can’t think of a good solution for you then that would work from within Scrivener. My approach to this problem would be to use something other than italics in these specially formatted areas, like dark red text instead. It’s then simple to use a word processor to convert the red text to black italic text after you compile. That should give you the flexibility you need, and not even add much effort to the equation.

Can you explain why the latest version of Scrivener for Windows is not supporting italics when output to a PDF or a Word document? This is a basic function and works in the Mac version.

drew21, I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing here. The topic here is that the option to convert italic to underscores supersedes Preserve Formatting. It’s a rather esoteric point in a combination of features most people do not run into, and when they do it is usually the result they want.

If you are having a problem exporting italics, you should start a new thread on it. I’m having no problems compiling with italic text over here, so it must be a specific problem.

Italics has been fixed. No need for another thread. Thanks to tech support.

Great, glad to hear it.