"Preserve Formatting" isn't respecting right indentation


So this could be user error, but I can’t figure this one out. In my fiction novel, I’m citing a newspaper article. I’ve chosen to indent it left and right because it’s too long to justify using quotes. So I highlighted the text, adjusted the left and right tabs in the ruler, then chose “Preserve Formatting”. The text block appeared like it should and everything looked as I wanted it to. Then when I went to compile it into an ebook, I clicked on “options” in the “formatting” section and checked the “alignment” and “tabs and indents” boxes under “Preserve Formatting only preserves”. Once I compiled, the alignment was preserved in the text block but it only indented the left side of the text. The right side stayed far right. So within the preserved text, it’s respecting my left indentation but overriding the right indentation. I’ve searched all through the formatting menus and such but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.



This is because right indents aren’t supported for e-book formats (which use HTML internally).

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I’m having the exact same issue for the same reason. A L&L person told me via e-mail that it worked fine for him in epub, though I was asking about it as a mobi problem. I’m hoping I get another response from him with on that. I’ve got my book up on Nook with no problem, but that was through its Nook Press. A dream to use. And it spits out an e-pub file to download at the end. Point being, I’m wondering if this right indent thing is more a mobi conversion issue.

Thanks for all insights.