Preserve formatting issue

Hi, I hope I’m not being dumb, but every line of text in all my text sheets is highlighted by the ‘Preserve formatting’ button. Every time I turn it off it’ll just turn back on when I return to a text and everything is highlighted again. I’m using Scrivener 3 beta for windows.

Thanks in advance for any help offered,

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Are you using a universal “body” or “normal” style?

– Katherine

Thanks for your reply kewms. Also thanks for moving the post to the appropriate category, I should have realised that’s where I should have posted it.

To answer your question; I’m not sure quite what you mean, I can see the different styles in formatting but it doesn’t matter which one I choose it still has the ‘Preserve formatting’ box around everything. The style I’m currently using is a custom style, which is basically just a larger font size.

I mostly use the Mac version, but I believe there’s an option to highlight “styled” text. There’s a good chance that’s what you’re seeing.

As a general rule, we do not recommend using a universal “body” style. Instead, we recommend using the project default formatting for most text, and only applying styles to text that is “special” in some way. Which is why an option to highlight such “special” text exists.