Preserve Formatting not preserving font or line spacing

I’ve been using Scrivener for years, on both Windows and Mac, and have run into a problem with Preserve Formatting in Windows.

  • I am compiling to a PDF.

  • There is a section of text (two paragraphs) formatted as single-spaced, in Courier typeface, that is set to preserve formatting.

  • The rest of the ms is double-spaced in Times New Roman. My compile is set to convert everything to double-spaced Times New Roman.

The output converts the preserved block to double-spaced Times New Roman. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

Do those two paragraphs have a style assigned to them?
I believe that would override Preserve Formatting.

Could also be the PDF acting up.
Maybe try compiling to a different output format. If it comes out fine, you’ll know.

Honestly I would just try using a style for these paragraphs, rather than Preserve Formatting. The latter is a bit of a legacy feature, with styles replacing everything it ever did but with much better control. You can choose what kind of formatting gets saved, and more specifically what gets changed about it (if anything at all) in your compile settings.

It does look like PF is generally messed up though. I applied it to three paragraphs with default Sitka formatting and then compiled to Manuscript-Times and got three entirely different looking paragraphs!

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Thanks to both of you for your help. Vincent, I did not realize that styles overrode preserve formatting, and Amber, I took your advice to ditch preserve formatting and rely on styles instead. It worked perfectly!

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