Preserve Formatting not working in Compiler?

I am trying to add a small section to a chapter of a book that essentially looks like an old newspaper column. I’ve formatted it, block indented, and made it justified. It looks the way I want it to in the editor.

But no matter what I do, it always compiles using the margins of the main document. It does, however, retain the justified setting and indents the first line properly but that is all. I even tried it as a separate document, but had the same results.

I’ve also tried every setting in the compiler I can think of, and even used the Preserve Formatting function which was built for just this purpose, but nothing seems to work.

My last thought is that it is a problem with the Kindle mobi compiler.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

This sounds like an epub/mobi compile problem if I understand you correctly, rather than an issue with preserve formatting. Left and right indents can’t be preserved at the moment when compiling to the ebook formats, so if you require this you’ll need to add it after the fact in a tool like Sigil.

If you just have one section, it’ll just be a quick adjustment in Sigil’s WYSIWYG editor. If you have a lot of block quotes throughout the manuscript and want to adjust them all in one go, this forum post may help. It describes creating a hook for the formatting in Scrivener and then adjusting the CSS in Sigil to apply the indentation. That will be overkill though if you’re just dealing with the one instance, so maybe not necessary in your case. :slight_smile:

Thanks, MM. That explains it. Shame though. I’ll look into Sigil. Or maybe I can accomplish it in Indesign.

I appreciate your help.