Preserve Formatting Quesstion


I may be asking for something that is contradictory, but here goes:

I have text across several thousand documents which uses the wrong fonts for my purposes. I have set up a successful Compile Format for this. The Compile Format is ticked to override other formatting.

When I do this, everything is perfect except for one document which uses a font for foreign language. I marked it with the Preserve Formatting option from the Format Menu. When I print, the formatting is overwritten (bc I chose that) and not preserved (because I chose to preserve it).

Is it possible to preserve a portion of text as I need? I want to avoid changing 5100 documents by hand.

Which version of Scrivener do you have?

In Scrivener 2, you would wrap the formatting you want to protect in a Preserve Formatting block. (Just that text, not the whole document.) In Scrivener 3, assign a Style to it.


I have 3.0.2 (1506).

So the answer is to assign a style. That makes life much easier.

What’s the Preserve Format for, then?

In case I seem sharp, I appreciate the answer. It removed several problems and a lot of stress. :smiley:

See Section 15.4.6 of the Scrivener 3 manual.

Mostly it’s been superseded by Styles, but it’s still useful for things like injecting raw markup code into the output.