Preserve Formatting Question

For some scenes, I will want to have a minor heading that will be a date. For example:

June 21

 In Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, radiologist Nishit Sachar threw his microphone onto the desk, burst out of his darkened dictation room, and charged down to X-ray Room Two.

I probably don’t want that line indented. If I use “preserve formatting” then if I want to change font size throughout the book, I assume that the font size of that heading will not change.

What’s the best way to handle this?


Preserve Formatting currently does preserve as much formatting as the compile format supports, so yes, if you override formatting in compile and change the font size, it won’t be changed on the preserved text.

How is your binder structured? Could you use the document title for the date or the synopsis or notes and include that element for all of this level/type of document? These can be formatted during compile separately from the main text.

I already use the synopsis and synopsis title for other things, but never thought about using the notes.

Is there anyway change the formatting of all the Notes at once?

If you’re overriding formatting in compile, you’ll just do it there. If that’s not a possibility for you, you’ll have to format them individually within the project. I’d suggest formatting one the way you like it and then using Format > Formatting > New Preset fro Selection to create a “document notes date” preset or whatever you’d want to call it. Then you can easily apply that to others. Copy/Paste Formatting and Next/Previous Document shortcuts will also let you blow through a bunch in a row.