Preserve internal links for epubs on Windows version?

Just wondering when internal links will be preserved on conversion from scriv doc to epub on Scrivener for Windows. This capability has already been implemented for the Scrivener’s OSX version for quite a while so I can see no reason why it isn’t there in the Windows version of Scrivener as well. The other thing I don’t understand is that if internal TOC item links can already be created for epubs on the Windows version then why can’t all internal links be preserved on conversion to epub?

Are there any future plans to implement the preservation of internal links on conversion to epub for the Windows version of Scrivener? If not then I would like to request that this capability be added to the Windows version of Scrivener.

In general if it is something the Mac version does that isn’t specifically Mac technology (like universal grammar checking), then yes, it’s already on the list of things to do.