Preserve media's 'play position' when navigating away?

Since 2.0 came out I’ve liked using Scrivener for transcribing interviews and talks. But I do sometimes have a hiccup: If I navigate away from my media file at, say, time 5:02, it is back to 0:00 when I return. I then have to do a bit of guesswork to align my sound file and transcript once again. Given that transcribing involves one window for the sound file and one in which I type, I find I often want to jump away briefly – to make a quick note or modify something already written elsewhere. Then too, transcribing takes some time, so I might close a project and come back to the chore a few hours later. So this ‘back to zero’ thing comes up a fair amount.

It would be swell if I could tell media files in Projects to remember their play position. Might this be possible? I looked in Quicktime to see if it was a system thing, but I don’t see any preference files in the menus there.

I know I could use another app to transcribe – before 2.0 I was using Transcriva, which lets one easily match types words with their time on the recording. So I’m not looking for advice on how to do this outside of Scrivener. Just asking if it might be possible to do it within a project. I like to keep as much in Scrivener as I can!


That’s a good suggestion. I’ve added it to the list. I can’t promise it will make 2.0.3, but if I don’t get time to add it to 2.0.3 I will look into it for 2.0.4.

All the best,

Wow. Speedy and decisive, as ever. Thank you, Keith. And happy new year to you!