Preservicng configuration for different output types

I’m about to get published and I am producing both physical (PDF) and digital (ePub/MOBI) versions of my manuscript. When I compile to PDF, there are certain page breaks I need in certain places but I don’t need/want these for the digital formats.

Is there a way to tell Scrivener to remember certain configuration (such as the ‘add page break before’ for a given chapter/scene) for when compiling to PDF, say, and to remember other combinations for when compiling to other formats? Otherwise, I have to constantly remember which things to change each time I compile to a different output type.

  • CDM

At the top of the Compile pane, see the Format As: menu? Scroll all the way down to find the Manage Compile Format Presets command.

Creating a new preset will save the current settings with the name you specify, either local to the current project, or globally for all of Scrivener on your system.


Although for some of the things you are asking about, such as setting status flags on individual documents, are not the domain of compile settings. Those are document settings that can be accessed even outside of compile, in the Inspector. That said, compile presets are definitely a good thing to learn when putting together multiple exports of the same project.