Preserving chapter number on a partial compile?

When I do a partial compile, the auto-numbering of chapters (using placeholder tags) begins numbering them as 1, 2, 3, etc rather than preserving the number of the chapter in the larger manuscript (For example: chapter 6 on partial import might come out as 1).

How do you preserve the numbering?

How are you selecting a partial of your manuscript? Only one method can provide this option, so you may need to adjust what you’re doing in order to achieve this effect. Options that can lead to non-linear selections, such as Collections (which includes Search Results) and Current Selection do not support this feature for technical reasons.

Make sure there is no checkmark beside it (as depicted). This will cause Scrivener to compile the whole thing in the background to get the numbers correct, and then use that to establish the base numbering for the portion of the manuscript you’ve selected to compile.

I see. So it looks as you must do this chapter at a time. I often send partials to other writers/editors in chunks that span several chapters and don’t start or end with chapter starts or endings. I do this by having “manuscript” selected in compile window and then in the contents tab I select or deselect the specific text files I want–but then it is a drag to manually go into the Word doc and rewrite the chapter headings…but really not that much of a biggie.

Ah, I see, yeah if you’re selecting ranges of text like that on an individual basis, three isn’t a good trick you can use from Scrivener’s side. I’d just compile the whole thing out and snip off the ends in a word processor, but whatever works best. I can think of one feature on our future “maybe” list that could help you out. So this might not always be a limitation.

Your solution is so painfully obvious and intuitive. That’s why they pay you the big bucks. Thanks for always answering my posts with brilliance.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: