Preserving Fullscreen Settings in Templates

At risk of contributing to the delay of The (post-1.0) Novel…

While the settings available in fullscreen-mode, e.g. Text scale, Page width, Background Fade, are saved in each project, they appear not to be saved in templates. It would be a happy feature if they were and I commend it to you.

Thanks for the great development on this application.


Templates only affect documents and so forth in the project. They store all of the things that are saved within the .scriv package. Things like full screen and window settings are saved as preferences, so that you can have different window size and full screen settings on different machines if you are moving your project frequently. This is why templates don’t include this info. You are not alone in asking, though, so it may be something I take another look at in the future.

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Thanks for your reply. Something you say in response doesn’t quite make sense to me, though. So, begging your indulgence, let me have another run at it:

My different projects can maintain their own fullscreen settings like Text Scale, Page Width, Background Fade. So, these settings are being preserved like project-settings, not preference-settings. For this reason, I was assuming that these settings are stored in the .scriv packages already. And so it is surprising that new projects started from saved templates do not preserve these settings. That is, when I start a new project based on a saved template, the fullscreen settings are always at the default settings instead of being read off the template.

I can’t quite see that there could be any portability trade-off here as you suggest. However it is that projects hold on to these settings (and are happily movable from one computer setting to another), let templates hold on to them in the same way.

But then again, you have thought about these things a lot more than I.

Thanks again for your consideration.


P.S. Here’s hoping that the time you spend reading this are only moments cribbed from your day-job, not your writing life.

These things are project settings in the same way that window size, binder width and so forth are project settings - they are stored in the preferences file under the name and path of the specific project. As a side effect, if you move or rename the project, you will lose these settings. This is the standard Cocoa way of doing things, and you will find that the same is true of most apps - if you rename the file, the window settings and so forth will be lost. Because they are saved in the preferences by path, they cannot be saved in the templates.

As I say though, this is something I am likely to refine in the future. It is a lot of fiddly code, though (relatively trivial but very tedious and extremely time-consuming), so I hope that you understand it is a low priority and is unlikely to change any time before 1.5 because of this.

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