Preserving imported webpages

I have been using Scrivener 3.1.1 for a while and have some questions about importing the webpage function. I can import webpages and then later open my scrivener and read what I’ve imported without having to open a separate browser. So far, everything that I have tried to do works well. But for how long? I’m wondering if the webpage I have captured will remain even if the original webpage gets deleted from the internet or becomes private. Do I need to do something to preserve what I’ve captured? Another thing I’d like to do but haven’t figured out out is to change web pages that are words and pictures to just words only or pictures only. Is that even possible?

A good backup strategy. From my understanding (not using the feature) the saved page is a local copy including everything you see (e.g. pictures) and should not be affected by the status of the website where it originally came from.

What result do you expect of such a conversion from pictures to text? E.g. a picture of a cat is turned into the text “a cat”? Or do you mean pictures largely containing text?

The other way around is easy: Save the website as a picture. That may require an additional tool to scroll and capture, but the process itself is easy. Or print to PDF.

Thanks for your reply, I feel some relief that my imported webpage will remain with my projects. At least until I’m done writing.

I was looking to save space by discarding the pictures from the web pages. What I do no is, I import the webpage then delete the pictures but was wondering was there a way to just capture only the text. Occasionally, I will save a picture but I rather use Scrivener for writing ideas and text. Pictures take a lot of space so if I save one I have a folder outside of scrivener for that.

Okay, if you just want to get rid of them (instead of processing their content), you could give the following approach a try. From the (macOS) Scrivener manual, 9.1.2:

“If you would prefer all web pages to be imported as text, set the Convert imported WebArchives and web pages to text, option in the Sharing: Import preference tab (section B.7.1).”