preserving jpg position on compile

Hope this is not already covered and I missed it.
When I import a jpg into the body of a text document and position it nicely, e.g. centered, then compile to pdf using original formatting, the pictures don’t stay where they should. How do I keep a jpg centered, for example?


The formatting is getting overwritten during compile, so it’s adjusting your alignment and indents. If all your text alignments within your manuscript are the way you want them when you compile (e.g. everything is right aligned except the images, which are center, and you want to keep all that), you can adjust this quickly in the compile options. If you don’t see the extended options when you click Compile, click the triangle button beside the “Format As” drop-down menu. Under the Formatting tab, you’ll see an “Options…” button toward the top. Click that and then check the box for “Preserve alignment” under the Text Formatting Override Options.

Another way to do this, if you otherwise want to override all your text alignments in your documents, is to use the Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting option–select your images (and captions, if they have special formatting) in the editor and then apply the preserve formatting. The formatting override options in compile won’t touch anything marked with the preserve formatting (and you can further refine what “preserve formatting” preserves also under the “options…” button in the Formatting tab of compile, though if you’re only using this for images you shouldn’t need to do any fine tuning, since the default will preserve everything, including alignment and tabs/indents.)

The first way is easier, though, and probably all you need.

Hope that helps!

Hmm, there might be a good case for having images preserve their alignment and line spacing regardless of Compile options, come to think of it - the text override options probably shouldn’t affect images too. I’ll add that to my 2.0.6 list.

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…And done for 2.0.6.