Preset for font-colour *only*?

Is it possible to define a preset that changes only font colour, and preserves all character attributes and paragraph style?

I am marking up my text so I can easily identify key passages in red. I’m using a preset to I can have a keyboard shortcut to apply it – but it keeps overriding italics. :confused: I want to use a preset so I can easily navigate through edited scrivenings through Find > Find by Formatting > Coloured text.

It’s an elegant system but for this minor flaw.


Michael, have you tried Format > Revision Mode, and then Find > Find by Formatting > (Drop down) Revision Color? Works with italics.


The keyboard shortcut you would want in that case would be for “Mark Revised” (allowing you to select text and color it, which sounds like what you’re doing) and then “Remove Current Revision Color.” Since only one or the other ever appears at a time, you can use the same shortcut and thus toggle it on/off.

You’ll need to first set yourself in “revision mode” though, choosing one of the revision levels, and then all new typing you do will be in that revision color unless you switch it off. If you’re just doing a round of edits, that may be ideal anyhow; otherwise you’ll need to do some more button pushing or add a few more shortcuts to quickly jump in and out of revision mode. (Or select newly typed text and then remove the color.)

I see that might be my only option. I was avoiding the revision mode because really, these aren’t “revisions” I’m marking but most often parts of the original text. But practically speaking, I see it works. Evidently the revision mode is exactly what I’m looking for. And if I use the identical red colour I can still search through my Scrivenings texts by colour.


Believe me, I do get it. I use presets the same way, but I use them during the initial typing more often than replacing text (although now I think about it, I have dimmed “out of date” notes with a style preset like that and just didn’t pay attention to any italics/bold that got wiped that way since in context it wouldn’t have mattered much). But Revision Mode like this might be still a way to get what you want. Also of course the highlighter, but then your’re adjusting background color and I know visually that can throw you off (er, me off)–and then I tend to use that for something different than I use colored text for, anyway, semantically.