Preset Layouts can't preserve "line number" option

I have a duo-editors layout with the “Show Line Number” option turned on, as shown in the screenshot attached. But once you use that layout to a default one, the line number bars won’t come back; and if you use it to a layout with the line number bars already turned on, it will turn them off.

Everything else seems to be rearranged correctly, by the way.

Thanks, I’ve added this to the list. I think I set it up so that layouts wouldn’t affect line numbers (so that you could turn on line numbers for working on poetry and use layouts without affecting that), so layouts shouldn’t turn line numbers on and they definitely shouldn’t turn them off. I’ll have it fixed for the first update.
All the best,

Thank you, Keith.

Also, please note that once you used a layout with line numbers turned on, while the line number bar itself won’t show up, it will nevertheless give a check mark to the “Show Line Numbers” option in the menu. Here’s the walkthrough:

  1. use a line numbers-enabled layout
  2. line numbers bar won’t show up
  3. try to turn it on by clicking the menu, only to find out “Show Line Numbers” was already checkmarked
  4. click , nothing happens, click again, the bar shows up.