Preset Novel Title Page

Hello, there,
I write novels. Not every draft I start, ends up being a completed novel. But I get somewhat tired of having to fill in all my details on the title page of the novel every time. Is there anyway I can preset this information (name, address, phone number etc). If so, where and how, please?

Thanks in advance,

David Smith

Hi David,

This is easy to do using a Project Template.

Create a new empty project, fill in all your details on the title page, configure it however else you like, then do File > Save as Template. Name it appropriately! Then when you create your next new project, your custom Template will be one of the choices. Select it, and your next new project should have your title page details intact.

For future reference, consult section 6.10 Templates in the manual. You also might want to search in the manual for “Project Template”, as references are sprinkled throughout the manual and might give you some ideas of other things you might want to put into your template.

Scrivener also has the concept of Document Templates, so as you read up on templates, just be sure you know which type is being discussed.

Hope that helps,