Preset stylesheets in Scrivener

After several readings I’m disoriented by the User Manual’s 15.4.3, page 209, description of Presets (i.e. Stylesheets). There appear to be keyboard shortcuts (see screenshot). Appreciate a summary on utility and limitations of Presets.


I don’t see any keyboard shortcuts in your screenshot. If you had any, they would appear on the right-hand side of the menu. We have an article on setting custom shortcuts. This is just a part of the basic Mac.

Presets are very simple though, there isn’t much to learn about them. You store formatting settings in them, and then later use them from this menu on other pieces of text to apply those settings to the text. That’s it!

What is the significance of the ¶a symbol? And why are they displayed on some items and not others?


These indicate what type of preset it is. With the ¶ symbol, paragraph settings such as indent and line-spacing alone will be applied, and the style will impact the entire paragraph(s) your cursor or selection encompasses. The a symbol indicates character level formatting. You might use a preset like this for proper nouns in a technical manual. If you see them both together, that just means the preset will be changing character and paragraph level formatting.

Makes sense. Thanks.